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Rockwood Trailer Travel and 5th wheel

Rockwood Trailers

Whether it's a travel trailer or a tent trailer, rockwood trailers provide the best products when you need a home on the road. With a rockwood trailer you always have a comfortable home with plenty of luxury and comfort available. Wherever you are.

Nowadays thousands of hard working Americans are using a travel trailer for a comfortable and adventurous way to spend their precious hollidays with their loved ones, and for a good reason. Leaving home for a vacation doesn't mean you have to give up all your comfort, and rely on motels or motels for a good night rest. Who knows what can happen when you leave the most important parts of your holliday to companies. Take charge and get your own travel trailer. Your family will thank you, and you'll enjoy the relaxed feeling of having everything sorted out (at least during the trip).

Renting Rockwood Trailers
If you don't have the space for a luxurious travel trailer on your driveway or in your wallet, renting a travel trailer is probably a good idea for you. There are several good companies who can provide you with a modern and fully equipped travel trailer. Are you thinking of buying a travel trailer, renting one first can be the perfect way to find out what kind of trailer you want, and what amenities you want and need for your perfect vacation.

American Made
Made in America with only the highest quality materials, Rockwood Trailers are the number one choice when it comes to trailers. Every trailer is only as good as it's chassis, so these are made from premium grade steel and aluminium. The body is made from light and durable materials ranging from high grade plastics, fiberglass and aluminium. The fittings and electrical systems are built to outlast the trailer, so you don't need to worry about problems, even if your trailer has been in storage for months at a time.

Rockwood Travel trailers are perfect when you need a comfortable living space when being away from home. Easy to set up, and some models can be expanded by using the retractable compartments, giving you even more living space. All trailers are built on a stiff ladder chassis, and have suspension, providing a smooth and stable ride along the freeway.

Rockwood Tent trailers are ideal when you need a living space on the road, while being compact when stored. When folded, the small frontal surface saves a lot of fuel, and is better for mother earth. With the use of lightweight materials, the trailer provides you with a stable ride. Don't be fooled by the size when it's completely folded, a Rockwood tent trailer has all the space and conveniences on board. At least 1 Queen size bed, fully equipped kitchen and of course shower and toilet facilities.


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